Entrepreneurship course - learn all areas of how to start a company

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Entrepreneurship course - learn all areas of how to start a company

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Entrepreneurship course – learn all areas of how to start a company
apply before 24.03.2024

TE-live broadcast was held on January 11th 2023, you can check the recording here: https://te-live.fi/lahetykset/Y1qdvSyGa https://te-live.fi/lahetykset/Y1qdvSyGa

Participants are selected for the training based on applications; always briefly describe your business idea in the “Detailed justifications” section of the application.


People who are considering entrepreneurship have different backgrounds: goals, skills and knowledge differ from each other. Valmennusmajakka offers you an opportunity to be involved in a training which helps you accomplish your dreams as an entrepreneur.

During this online training you will make practical business plan, which is tailor-made for your business idea and yourself. The training includes webinars which provide you with in-depth information about how to make your own business plan.

You will receive also personal coaching throughout the training programme.

The plan will be made in Tulosmajakka. It is an easy to use practical tool for creating business plans.
Tulosmajakka will be at your disposal free of charge after the training. Therefore, you can
continue to develop your business plan whenever needed. By completing this course you will
increase your chances of success when applying for the startup grant (Starttiraha).

Course content and implementation
1. You will make an initial mapping to help you identify, market, and sell your own expertise.
2. You will make an entrepreneurial test and get more information about your entrepreneurial skills and weaknesses.
3. You will meet your personal coach online.
4. You will make concrete business plan for your own business idea

Your business plan consists of the following parts
  • Entrepreneurship and business planning
  • Market analysis
  • Business forms
  • Marketing and sales plans, productisation
  • Economic planning
  • Profitability, pricing
  • Entrepreneur´s insurance and social security
  • Entrepreneur´s tax, law and employer knowledge

Who can apply for the course
The course is intended for people living in Satakunta, who are interested in entrepreneurship and are
planning to become an entrepreneur. You can also apply for this course if you are starting a business in Satakunta.
This english-language entrepreneurship course is primarily aimed at those who are unable to participate in
Finnish-language course due to lack of Finnish language skills.

Feedback from previous courses
My Opinion of the course is really helpful, the teacher was so understandable and helpful.
It open my eyes on many things, like how to think as entrepreneur not like a normal person.
I learned that I have to make plan for my business. I am happy for join the course.

Very good training compered to some I have done. During this training it really gets clear on
what is needed for starting a company. So really recommend this training.

I liked the course, I learned a lot of new things in particular I received a lot of information from
the trainer about the Internet resources of doing business in Finland, taxes, pension insurance,
the process of creating a company, marketing.

The training was excellent beginner’s course for foreigners who want to start business in Finland.
I feel my initial business idea improved alot during this course.

It was more then I expected!

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